Black Dragon Flutes

2.1 Jinashi Shakuhachi - Sold
made of Black Bamboo by David Sharp

2.1 Jinashi Shakuhachi by David Sharp - Sold


2.4 jinashi shakuhachi
Madake bamboo

2.4 Jinashi Shakuhachi - $50.00




Hawaiian love flutes
or nose flute (Ohe Hano Ihu)

small Ohe Hano Ihu - $20.00

medium Ohe Hano Ihu - $25.00

large Ohe Hano Ihu - $30.00

Hawaiian Nose Flute - Ohe Hano Ihu
three hole flute

Played with the left nostril, and left hand covering the three holes. Often called the love flute since the breath from the nose could not tell lies. Decorated with wood burn designs for $35.00

2.4 Hotchicku
Hotchicku style Jinashi Shakuhachi

Used for meditational purposes this flute has white bindings and  Butteryfly wood burned near the mouthpiece.


2.8 Hocchiku or Shakuhachi - sold
Bass flute in G

A 2.8 Chokan (bass) Hocchiku Shakuhachi for meditation. Made of River Cane $85.00

Hawaiian Love Flute
River Cane Bamboo

The Ohe Hano Ihu or Hawaiian nose flute - this flute has a wood burned design with green bindings. $35.00

1.8 Hocchiku
River Cane Bamboo

This 1.8 Hocchiku version of the Shakuhachi has blue bindings. $35.00

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