Acoustic Music - one of three great music stores along the Wasatch Front. 857 East 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 801-531-7066.



The American Federation of Musicians, Local 104 - located at 2261 South Redwood Road, Suite L, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119 801-972-1915 phone, and our website at: Dave Sharp -Business Agent.



Art Access Gallery, 230 So. 500 W., #125, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 - A wonderful gallery with access to art at many levels and abilities. From time to time they display some of my work.


Barry Carter - Video and music -


Carol Sharp - Introduction to Tai Chi at: 



"The Catalyst" Simply the best alternative magazine in Utah. 362 E. Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah 801-363-1505. or email 



Celtic Beat and Dance Unlimited by LaRae Thackery - Our friends in Ogden at Larae's Dance Unlimited, Layton Park Plaza, 195 E. Gentile, suite #5, Layton, Utah 84041 801-546-0495 or and Celtic step dancing and Ballet.


Chiff and Fipple - The very best website for Whistle players, reviews, on-line mag, links,  music etc. There is a great comparison of whistles of all price ranges on this site.


Coyote Oldman - Native American Flutes and CD's - I own several flutes and CD's by Michael Graham owner. 





Dance by Dee - Children's creative dance - Dianne Sharp, Jenny Folger, and Becky Fleagle, Instructors at: 801-280-8565 or  Modern Dance. 



Sculpture by D. Sharp see my facebook sculptor page



Dazzle Dogzz - Dog  Show - Frisbee and sports dog show - feature films, flyball, television commercials, advertising. Dianne Sharp - 801-280-8565 or 


Desert Wind - Our friends Alan and Andalin Bachman - wonderful Jewish and world music. Their website can be found at:


The Dulcimer Players News - National publication for Mountain and Hammer Dulcimer players


ELS Productions - the best duplication and replication service for CD manufacture on could ever dare hope for at - Clint Goss's Encyclopedia of the Native American Flute. This is an amazing resource for any flute player.


Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer - David Spalding Sharp and the Mountain Dulcimer



Interfaith Round table - Many faiths one family at  An incredible organization dedicated to facilitate interfaith respect, understanding and appreciation. Increase understanding through interfaith dialogue. Build interfaith collaboration. Explore ways to address issues of religiously motivated hate and conflict in our community. Maintain an Olympic legacy of continuing respect for cultural diversity, human potential, and world peace. Contact Dave Sharp Music Chair for the Music Tribute at the Tabernacle on Temple Square. You may get free tickets for this years 2015 Music Tribute at: March 22nd, 6:00 to 7:30 pm at the Old Tabernacle on Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah


The Jackdaw's Ring - a blog concerning world music, storytelling, puppetry, instrument making, anthropology, poetry etc. 


Steve Keen - Photographer - weddings, products, fine art, etc Steve took many of our recent band photos. 



Glastonbury duo - Stories with music by David and Carol Sharp for Renaissance, Medieval Faires and Young Audience style education. 801-268-4789 and 


Gypsy Moon Emporium - carries our CD's and other Celtic books and things. (Rauni or Dave the Elf) a fine independant book store.


Rachel Hedman, Storyteller - One of several energetic and professional storytellers from the Utah Storytelling Guild, you can find Rachel's website at: and 


Inish - Barry and Marion Carter - an eclectic duo of Guitar, vocals, Tenor Recorder and Clarinet (Brazilian, Celtic, Klezmer, and Singer/Songwriter originals) Some of our closest friends have moved home to New Zealand, but you can still hear them and contact them.


Intermountain Guitar and Banjo - Old Time Vintage Instruments - by appointment only these days you'll have to call either Le-nard or Ken-nard at 801-355-4023 and email at: and the website at 


Irminsul Harp - Long time friend and amazing Celtic Harp, Keyboard player and composer his websites are well worth a visit at: and


Klezbros - Klezmer - Music with a distinctly Jewish flair. Wonderful band find them at: 


Local Music -  great bargains and guitars. (Tommy) great repairs as well. Once you get talking you may never be able to leave. 801-539-1439


Mondavi String Quartet - Teresa Lynn Welch - 801-573-5815


Mike Iverson's Clawhammer Banjo Tab Page: This is the best clawhammer banjo tab page I have ever seen. Mike is an incredible Banjoist and his site is well worth a visit.

North Atlantic tune list - I went to an amazing session in Reykjavik. Here is a list of the tunes they play.


Phillip's Gallery - 444 E. 200 So., Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. One of Utah's finest Galleries. I proud of having some of work for sale there from time to time.



Phoenix Shakuhachi Friends with Chuck Peck - 


Pushing Sky - Master Leary's website for Tai Chi and Kung Fu (Pat Leary is also our Guitar player.) his website is  Pat and Sue Leary instructors.


Professor Lennox Tierney Project - my favorite Professor from college at the University of Utah. One of the most knowledgeable men on Asian Arts and Arts of Japan.


Ravensmoon Replicas - local merchants that deal in costumes and accessories. A great small business run by visit their website at


Sacred Harp Singing - has a website for people who like to sing old time American Hymns at


The Salt Lake Piping Club and Brian Dobson: Great site for Irish Piping

The Second Artist, Fine Art Framing - Hands down the best Framing shop I've ever imagined. Scott and Adrienne amazing craftsmen.

Shakuhachi Forum at 


The International Shakuhachi Society at 


The String Quartet - Krista Baker - 801-575-7920


Sharp Audio - Sound Engineering by Daniel R. Sharp at 801-270-8244 The best audio sound for the best prices. 


Studio Leary - by T. P. Leary - Professional graphic service at:


The Tesseract by D. Sharp - has a page with digital downloads of his original music at 801-270-8244


Tai Hei Shakuhachi - Monty Levenson's famous site at 


Japan Shakuhachi - at 




Utah Folk Arts Council - Has a compilation CD of field recordings of social dance from the Mormon west called "An Old-Time Utah Dance Party" by Craig Miller.  Dave and Carol Sharp are on four of the cuts with Patty Richards. Other material is from the State of Utah's folk music archive. Instructions to the dances are written by Laraine Miner. To obtain a CD or book of sheet music and dance instructions, contact the following:

Utah Folk Arts Council, 617 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 - or call  Call Craig Miller at 801-533-5760. (I'm sad to announce that the Utah Folks Arts Council is no longer in existence due to ravenous budget cuts to the arts programs in the State of Utah.)


“Down in Utah” by various artists (The Bucklesters, Idlewild and Patty Richards) This recording can be obtained by writing Cory Webster “Down in Utah” P.O. Box 520384, Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-0384 or contact us at 801-268-4789.


The Haywire Ranch - Cory Webster's ranch site is at:  Wholesome Grass fed Beef.


Yankee Clipper - Another great Pioneer recording is “Hymns, Songs and Fiddle Tunes of the Utah Pioneers” by the Beehive Band for a copy of this double CD contact Honeybee Recordings, Mark Jardine 2629 Stringham Ave., #B310, Salt Lake City, Utah 84109  also a great source for Irish music from the band Yankee Clipper and or Ten Penny. The Library of congress now has an online video clip of the Beehive Band you can view as part of the permanent collection online.


The Utah Arts Festival Gallery - 230 So. 500 W., #120, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. Another fine Utah Gallery. I show my art work there several times a year. They also are the organizers for the Utah Arts Festival and in years past our band has had the honor of working for them as well.


Utah Storytelling Guild - Storytelling events and storytellers in Utah.


Willow's Tea Room - a quite and meditative place to sip tea among the paintings and sculpture. Ambient improvisational music by David Sharp on Chinese Xaio, Japanese Shakuhachi, Irish Flute, Bulgarian Dvoyanka, Native American Plains Flutes, Ohe Hano Ihu and other world flutes. The perfect place to drink tea right, Call 801-270-8087


World Flute - Here are some websites of recent friends I've met that play a range of Flutes from all over the world. for Clint Goss and for Anthony Natividad at Anthony is an amazing flute player that can just about make a flute out of any object, also one of the leading players and makers of the Hawaiian Nose flute. You can still see work by Anthony Natividad the person that taught me flute making. Rest in Peace Anthony.


Perry Yung Flutes - I hope someday to own one of Perry's Flutes and take a Shakuhachi making class from him. 



Monday Night International Folk Danceing at Larry Pino's Studio at 2261 E., Murray-Holladay Rd. (4700 S) at 7:30. Downstairs at Reul's on the N. side of the street. The monthly first Saturday folkdance party is at the Columbus Center at approx 2500 S. between 4th and 5th E. in the NE room at 7:30. the best CD store on the planet. Internet listings of some of the best Celtic Bands in the world of Celtic music.



Favorite Books

"Blowing Zen - Finding an authentic Life" by Ray Brooks

"Celtic Myths and Legends" by T.W. Rolleston, Great book for reading and studying the major stories and myths of Irish Culture.

"Classic Myths in English Literature" by Gayley

"Drawing with Pen and Ink" by Arthur Gupthill

"Folk Music and Dances of Ireland" by Breandan Breathnach, This is the best book I know of on Irish ethnomusicology.

"Japanese Ink-painting" by Ryukyu Saito

"Puppets and Puppet Theater" by David Currell

"The Homesteader's Handbook" by James E. Churchill

"W. B. Yeats"  Selected Poems by Gramercy (see 'The Fiddler of Dooney')

"Western Islands Handbook" by Kittiwake




The Jackdaw's Ring - a blog

Idlewild Recordings