Celtic Poetry

The Jackdaw's Ring

Jackdaw's love cabbage, Jackdaw's love peas;

Jackdaw's love apples and maybe some cheese;

Jackdaw's tell stories when they flock in the trees;

Where they'll taunt you and mock you and squawk when they please;

Jackdaw's love sapphires, diamonds and strings;

Old glasses, coins, buttons and things;

Yet one treasure of treasures a magical ring;

They gave as a tribute to their Jackdaw King.


The Moon and Seven Stars

Once upon a time beneath the Moon and Seven Stars;

A Swan and Seven Cignets swam upon a mirror Lake;

An Elfish Women came from the hills and music she would make;

To the Stars she played upon her Harp beside the lovely Pond;

And when at last she'd played enough she left before the dawn;

Daylight fades again the Swan's that swam upon the Lake;

Could hear again the tales the ancient Harp would make.


The Lindorm's Cup

Down the steep winding tunnel, the darkness filled with fumes;

Chimney reeks of brimstone, and fire of earth their elements enclose;

To empty out upon a great cavernous room filled with the hoard of a Lindorm;

Sleeping there upon a glittering bed of treasure a great armored splendor;

The treasure cursed, so sang the Skalds, was unknown to some of bolder mood;

The young Warrior said, I'll have that Cup, with filigree work so fine;

So he stole it home to look, more close and have with heart felt toast;

A cup of blood red Mead, and celebrate his luck, yet when the Cup approached his lips;

From with the a claw appeared, then grasped the youth about his head;

And while he screamed it pulled him in, through the Cups golden gleaming red lipped mouth;

Till of the young man t'were nothing left as it toppled to the ground;

His blood strewn it struck the floor, to ring from wall to wall.




Haiku and Tanka


You are warmth to me

When all the leaves have fallen

Against the cold winter



My breath gives voice to

The Shakuhachi spirit

A call from Heaven



Lilac scented dark

As we walk in the Garden

Crickets sing at night

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